Learn about how an 'e-pickpocket' can skim personal information remotely from RFID enabled credit cards.  This at least is the claim being made by UK company ViaForensics about this high tech criminal.

The E-Pickpocket 2012 (Channel 4 News)

Are you certain that your RFID bank cards are safe from e-pickpockets?

In this video by UK broadcaster Channel 4 News, UK-based company ViaForensics demonstrates how an 'e-pickpocket' can skim personal information remotely from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled credit cards.

This sensational video footage provides possibly the most compelling evidence to date that you could be at risk of high tech crime. This is arguably a growing concern for all those involved with contactless banking. But the problem doesn't end there, because if you own a new style e-passport, bank card, smart card - or travel card for that matter - then it's much the same operating platform; so presumably these devices could also be at risk?

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