E-pickpocketing are you at risk?

If the claims made by the video ‘The Electronic Pickpocket’ hold up, then there is compelling evidence to suggest that this is something for those of us carrying contactless devices to be genuinely concerned about.

What can I do about e-pickpocketing?

For starters, if you have read this article and are even the slightest bit concerned about holding a new-style ‘contactless’ e-banking card then contact your bank or building society and ask for an alternative; i.e. one that is not RFID enabled.

Your identity and personal information are valuable to criminals and it pays to be extra careful with all aspects of your banking and sensitive information. If criminals find out your personal details, they can use these to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, loans, state benefits or get documents such as passports and driving licenses in your name. Identity theft can cost government and financial services millions of pounds a year.

Take action against the e-pickpocket now…

...or to put it simply MAKE YOURSELF INVISIBLE

• Carry ‘contactless’ / RFID cards in a shielded wallet, or holder from a reputable supplier such as
RFID Protect
• When not in use keep them in a safe place
• Ensure your plastic cards are protected from damage
• Keep your passwords and PINs safe

For more information visit identitytheft.org.uk | rfidprotect.co.uk

a.) Watch the video now > (click here)
b.) Buy RFID shielding / anti-skim sleeves for your bank cards > (click here)


And remember to tell your family and friends now!!!

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